- Rahul Rao

SKODA Tribe Tales

46w ago


My earliest memory of a SKODA is the Octavia 1.8 TDI Rider that my father owned when I was still a kid. Compared to the cars our family owned before that, the SKODA felt like a tank. I still remember my father talking about the car. I didn’t know what it meant then, but he kept saying, “best mileage, best handling and best quality!”. And that air horn? Who can forget that??

Today, I drive a SKODA Superb 1.8Tsi and I am living my childhood dream of driving a super car every day. This luxury saloon is a dream and even if you offer me the most fashionable car brands, I wouldn't trade my SKODA for any of them.

I have pushed the SKODA to its limit and believe me, even at high speeds. It's just...what's the word? Yes...SEXY! In fact, my mother who is not comfortable in fast moving vehicles sleeps happily in the SKODA when I am driving, cause the car is so smooth that she just doesn’t realize how fast the Superb is going and how quickly it comes to a halt. From 240 KMH to 0 KMH? No problem.

SKODA Superb

The SKODA Superb may not cost a million bucks but feels like one, thanks to the boot space. Sometimes, I feel that I can carry the entire house in it.

I have a childlike faith in the SKODA's Service team. They are efficient and transparent, and I wouldn’t dream of giving my precious Superb to anyone other than an authorised dealer.

If there is one word that I would use to describe my SKODA Superb? Superb!

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