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With Three SKODA in quick succession, I am a Self-Confessed SKODA Fan

2y ago

Each of my cars has crossed 100000 kms. My current love, the SKODA Rapid has already crossed 120000 kms. And guess what? It still feels as young, vibrant and energetic as it was when I brought it home. A true stallion on the roads.

Then again, the open road is where the SKODA Rapid truly shines. Confidence surging through its entire body as it confidently tackles the road and erratic weather conditions. Spurring me to drive my passion for road trips, almost all over India. My SKODA Rapid has seen me cruise at approximately 180 km speed on most roads like Mumbai- Pune expressway as well as Pune-Bangalore highways. To its credit, it is easily controllable at that speed leaving others in this segment way behind.

Even today, the thrill of owning and driving the SKODA Rapid has not yet diminished. My family and I love long drives and really enjoy the comfort and speed we experience in our SKODA Rapid. It never fails to impress us with its effortless ease and safety, even at high speeds. As if encouraging and empowering me to be in control and confidently drive me even at very high speed.

Not surprising really, if you consider the awesome SKODA team, that always looks out for you. Their service is impeccable and they really pamper the car when given for regular checks. Although, it’s a machine, the service team treats it with utmost love and care to keep it in peak condition.

Given the choices in the market, there is nothing that comes between me and the SKODA. It will always be my true love and my only recommendation to my friends to go for cars in the SKODA segment.

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