- Jaivardhan Gupta

SKODA Tribe Tales

7w ago


I have grown up surrounded by SKODA cars, my family has been loyalists ever since 2002 when the MK1 Octavia was launched. So, it doesn't come to me as a surprise that my car is the 5th SKODA purchase in the family. I had already decided that I was going to buy the Octavia.

There was actually only one black Octavia available in India but I was fortunate enough to have a deal with a local SKODA dealer who gave a discount. February 2017 was the day when I took my Octavia home and I’ve never looked back!

It has been 2.5 years since my purchase and there’s absolute power in the engine every time I accelerate; it puts a smile on my face. Since I drive daily for work, I am always driving around. I still ended up doing only 10000 km a year.

It’s obviously no surprise that SKODA is a car that turns heads, especially when sitting inside it makes you feel like you are sitting inside a tank with its top quality built. Even though I had a lot of personalization done to the aesthetic, the interior is basic, modern, classy and elegant.

I am not a regular user of the highway but with the SKODA, I feel completely comfortable driving. I remember driving to the interiors of Punjab last year to attend multiple marriages and hands down, the car stole the show.

When it comes to trust in the service or the brand in itself, they have always lived up to my expectations. While l buying the car I didn't even visit the showroom I simply booked it and they had it delivered to my house. There was this incident last year when a rat had entered the engine and chewed most of the wires. The flatbed was arranged in 2 hours and they repaired and sent the car to me with new wiring on the same day. Even though they had initially said it would take 2 days.

One incident that has left an impression my memory was the accident that I had. My respect for the brand increased twofold when all the occupants suffered minor injuries with the car taking most of the damage. This really shows the solidity of the brand and its performance. I also had the opportunity to drive the SKODA KODIAQ for a photoshoot. The interiors, gearbox as well as the performance completely bowled me over.

Now I definitely expect all SKODA cars to have the most quality performance ever!