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My Experience with SKODA that Changed into Growing and Loving this brand!

1y ago

My story starts back in 2012 when we thought of upgrading from my current car to SKODA Rapid. It was an upgrade from a small hatchback to a sedan. I’m more likely to say a luxury sedan.

I’ve always been a big fan of cars. I remember the conversation with my father when he asked me which car do you want? He took me to Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh and he clearly gave me two options out which one was SKODA Rapid! The moment he said SKODA I literally jumped out of happiness as SKODA has always given me a luxury feel. Without even a shadow of a doubt, I chose SKODA Rapid. The guy we met Mr. Sourav in Sagar Auto Tech (Bhopal) was extremely approachable including the manager over there that I was convinced even more about my choice. It wasn’t just a transactional relation of a manager and a customer, they didn’t sell me a car but a life.

After I’ve bought my car we’ve met with two accidents out of which one was major. The bigger accident involved my mom and dad with me in the car. The car overturned but still without a tiny scratch my parents came out safely. Whereas in the smaller accident, it was just me in the car, yet I came out safely. Big thumbs up to the build quality of SKODA!

I’ve taken so many long drives in SKODA Rapid and it’s genuinely very comfortable and soothing. If ever in future I get a chance to buy a car on my own, I'd definitely stick to SKODA, because it’s great!

We've really had great memories in that car. It's a member of our family, it's extremely strong and pretty. When we bought this car in our city, I believe it was first SKODA RAPID in my city which we bought and from then till now people still admire it a lot because it's not a regular car but a luxury class car. I admire SKODA a lot and I will forever.

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