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The SKODA Octavia, an ideal blend of all my needs

1y ago

I chose SKODA because it is the best car in the class. For many people owning a car that promises punchy and exhilarating performance means breaking the bank and going premium. However, the SKODA Octavia is comparatively affordable and within reason. This car is a value for money car as it was within the budget of 15L - 20L and has provided me with amazing performance. This car is a great honest, down-to-earth family car and was exactly what I was looking for. The SKODA Octavia gives utmost importance to safety and reliability and all in all, I feel like I’ve made the right decision purchasing this car and it was completely worth it.

I love the car and all its features, which are numerous. The quadra led headlamps are very stylish and no other SKODA car has this. The rear led tail lamps are perfect. The Octavia’s USP is space and due to the length of the car, the legroom is quite spacious. It is very sharp and smart looking. It has a rising waistline, and a sweeping roofline that blends into a kicked-up tail with a reverse rake. The Octavia has a really classy interior with gorgeous swathes of leather, faux suede and cloth which add a real premium touch to the dashboard. The best bit about the car though, is the steering wheel. It’s lovely to hold, brilliant to look at and much more exciting than any family car's steering wheel.

I felt welcome in the car the moment I sat in it. There was a bond that was created between me and the car and I cherish it dearly. The experience of driving the car was fabulous. If you are the family type who wants some fun on the side, then this car is the ideal blend of your needs.

I am originally from Kerala and I live in Mumbai. I need to travel to Kerala from Mumbai quite often and I need a car that can cover large distances. Lucky for me, the SKODA Octavia covers this distance with ease. I can travel to and from Kerala in my car without feeling uneasy or uncomfortable. Travelling to Kerala has been so much fun ever since I started driving the Octavia. This car aids my feeling of wanderlust.

The service offered by SKODA is amazing. SKODA Maintenance Package is a boon for their customers. Because the prices are fixed, no one will be caught off-guard by any surprise costs.

Purchasing a SKODA Octavia is one of the best decisions I have made.

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