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S​ledgehammer Corvette - 410 kph 'Vette is on sale

T​hat's some serious US muscle

4w ago

W​hen Reeves Callaway wanted to go fast, back in 1988, he built himself a 900 hp Corvette. Simple as that.

Seriously, we all know that Callaway Corvettes are beefy beasts and, personally, I like them a lot. No sophistication, just brute US muscle, as a proper Vette should be. Not this middle engined Ferrari copycat of today.

S​ledgehammer Corvette isn't that obscure, we've all heard about it reaching the 410 kph (255ish mph, if you don't know your metrics) some 30 years ago. It uses a 5.7 V8 that was handbuilt by Callaway, then forced charged up to roughly 900 hp, slamming that onto the rear wheels via 6-speed ZF manual.

W​hile this Corvette is highly modified compared to 'street' Callaways of the time, it retains a complete interior, A/C, electric windows, electric seats and Delco Bose radio, so you can still ride it somewhat normally. The original one-off Goodyear tires have been replaced with Eagle ZR40's of today.

A​fter reaching the 410 kph mark at the Transportation Research Center (TRC) in Ohio, an enormous facility with a 7.5 mile oval track, this road legal Vette remained a holder of the 'fastest road legal car' for 25 years to come. That's something to brag about. And it did it after the car was driven from Callaway headquarters in Old Lyme, Connecticut to TRC.

N​ow it's set up to be sold at 750.000 - 1.000.000 USD, but current offer stands at 325.000 USD.

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