Sleeping beauties?

Do you keep your cars tucked up for winter in their pyjamas?

4y ago

The weather of late (in the UK) has been gloriously sunny but getting rather cold. I always use my cars year-round but around this time of year they do get a good wash and put away with a dehumidifier in the garage only to come back out when the weather is dry and no salt on the roads. This year though, I have done something I've not done before - the GT3 has been SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notice) as of last night. So, no road tax means no driving! I couldn't do that to the GT4 just incase we get a mild winter and I NEED to go out for a spirited drive - but it made me think - what do you do with your cars over the winter? Drive them regardless of snow or ice? Please comment below...

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Comments (4)

  • Drive everytime. But under the sun ... In .. Nice !

      4 years ago
  • Drive obviously! What better than to drive 911's on low grip surfaces? People complain we can't reach a modern car's limits on the road anymore. Well you can if you go for a drive on greasy winter roads...

      4 years ago
  • Ah was gonna post a pic of mine in the garage, guess I haven't found the button yet😂

      4 years ago
  • Same as you! Tucked away now as the dreaded salt is out👎🏻

      4 years ago