Sleeping beauties?

The weather of late (in the UK) has been gloriously sunny but getting rather cold. I always use my cars year-round but around this time of year they do get a good wash and put away with a dehumidifier in the garage only to come back out when the weather is dry and no salt on the roads. This year though, I have done something I've not done before - the GT3 has been SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notice) as of last night. So, no road tax means no driving! I couldn't do that to the GT4 just incase we get a mild winter and I NEED to go out for a spirited drive - but it made me think - what do you do with your cars over the winter? Drive them regardless of snow or ice? Please comment below...

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Comments (4)
  • Drive everytime. But under the sun ... In .. Nice !

    1 year ago
  • Drive obviously! What better than to drive 911's on low grip surfaces? People complain we can't reach a modern car's limits on the road anymore. Well you can if you go for a drive on greasy winter roads...

    1 year ago


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