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It's that time of year again where everyone changes to snow tyres, people top up their anti-freeze and most spend money as though it’s the end of the world. Now all of those are absolutely justifiable, especially if you have children. Sadly however, out on the road is a nightmare and it's not because the gritters are slowing us down, or we can't get through because the snow is to deep (unless of course the snow is actually to deep) The real reason for all these Christmas accidents and bumps and scrapes is simple in my mind: IDIOT DRIVERS! IDIOTS that can't just wait an extra 10 mins so try and bully/intimidate others, or in most cases even worse when they think they can drive like Sébastien Loeb and fail miserably.



I'll give you but just one example: On my way to filming this morning (about 20mile trip) I had to take 3 different types of roads. I drove through the town, I drove on a motorway and I also drove on single track back roads. In all 3 different style roads in a very short space of time I witnessed 3 accidents and arrived to filming to find the manager was also in one thanks to some IDIOT. Now here in Scotland let’s face it we haven't always got the weather on our side so we should be used to a bit of extreme weather driving, but nope!! Still there are the select few (actually a lot now) that act like its Armageddon and I can't for the life of me figure out why. I’m sure that same IDIOT probably has a family he/she has spent money on for Christmas, or has young back at home waiting for their arrival back at 5pm, only to find their incompetent's have ended their life’s, leaving their loved ones behind to deal with all the grief.

When I was a child I remember sitting in que's of traffic because the snow hits and never once did my parents risk it or scream and shout at the driver on front because the weather decided to change like it most likely said it would on the weather channel that morning. I feel as though some people need their licences suspended throughout the winter period or just tied to a chair and slapped silly until they see that there are worse things than being careful on the road and being CONSIDERATE to others.


Now in another article I wrote this week I have added that my friend who happens to be a manager in a large Ford garage was also in an accident this fine winter morning. Luckily she was ok, minus some whip lash, but again she has a family and all the same it could have ended very differently. She was rammed from the rear because a HGV driver claimed that the sun had blocked his complete view and that he could not see the BIG LARGE ORANGE RANGER WILDTRACK on front of him. Now she describes the accident as "So fast I can't process it all properly" explaining that the Ford safety features was quick acting and very accurate that she would completely trust it with her life. The jeep upon impact auto locked her into the seat to stop her being thrown around, and the emergency services were contacted through her main console unit and the co-ordinates of her locations sent straight to the emergency services all before the other driver could even get to her jeep. So 10/10 for FORD there. 0/10 for the HGV driver.

The Real Hero Was The Jeep

Kay Rowat

So there is really only one more thing left for me to do on this article and that’s to try and help some of you out their if something wrong ever does happen. 1)If you can't see for more than a second and you aren’t sure if the road is safe or you’re in the right lane etc. immediately put on your hazard lights and try to stop (not to hard however in case someone behind you is also in the same situation. 2) Don’t drive like Jeremy Clarkson on a test track! You’re on a fu**ing road you twat. I have kids in my car; others have kids in their cars. Think of others for once. If your running late it's not the end of the world-rather be late than dead? 3) DO NOT automatically slam on your brakes in icy/snowy roads. Always try and pump them gentle and harder each time and make sure that your vehicle is in a low gear. If you ever feel your vehicle sliding out at the back end follow these instructions: 5) If the back end starts sliding to the right turn the steering wheel to the left to correct it, but DO NOT hold that position nor turn to fast. Again if it goes the opposite way apply this procedure only the opposite way. 6) DON’T BE A MUPPET!! DRIVE WITH CARE! YOU MAY NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR LIFE, THAT DOESNT MEAN OTHERS DON'T! ENJOY THIS FESTIVE TIME OF YEAR LIKE WE ARE MEANT TO, NOT IN A&E. Its snow, it’s you not understand that by now.

It’s really sore when you slip and fall on your bum ain't it?? And you can't stop yourself from doing that most of the time, can you?? Exactly!!! You may have only had your licence several months or 20 years. It doesn't make a difference; you don't know what’s round the corner or what the driver on front, behind or to the side of you will do. Stay Safe.

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