Slot Cars: A Short Film

37w ago


What do you do if you're a filmmaker with a Red Epic 8K camera and a 120 square foot slot car track at your disposal? Well you make a delicious short film!

The "Dream Weaver" as the track is called is a bespoke track made by Slot Mods Raceways for local racer Jeff Mosing. Slot Mods builds in so much detail and the Red Epic was the perfect tool to capture all of it. The duo of Aaron Arizpe and Tom Moore of Right Over Crest setup the lights to mimic the track floodlights and camera angles were chosen to bring out the dynamic nature of the track with its challenging twists and turns. The result is akin to watching the full-scale thing!

Presenting: Slot cars

Right Over Crest had me over to preview the short before it was released and provided the behind-the-scenes shots of the crew. The stills coming from the Red Epic were breathtaking in themselves. Having personally shot stills on the Dream Weaver, I can attest that shooting the slot cars in motion with a rig like the Red is no easy feat. These tiny cars can MOVE relative to their scale making focusing and panning a massive challenge! I'd say job well done and the final cut can't help but make you smile!

Across the line!

Squint and it looks like a 24H race under the floodlights.

The Red Epic is...EPIC!

Close up of the VIP boxes

Angles, angles

The magic touch


RIGHT OVER CREST is an automotive-centric film production studio located in Austin, TX. Capabilities include a full studio for static shoots and a chase car.


SLOT MODS RACEWAYS builds the finest custom slot car tracks. If you can dream it they can build it!


For more on THE DREAM WEAVER - article on Petrolicious by Joachim Rayos.



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Film and still images ©Right Over Crest

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