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Over the last few decades, I've come to accept there are several things wrong with me. The most serious of all probably, is my preference for an estate car over any other body shape. I discovered this affliction in the company of school friends in between the rather less troubling habits of flicking bogies at each other, raiding the school tuck shop and bunking off rugby. And P.E. And anything that happened in the science block that didn't involve some kind of forced explosion. My compatriots would spend hours “oohing and ahhhhing” over photos of the Lotus Excel in Performance Car magazine, whilst I’d be making adenoidal noises at the Montego Countryman versus Ford Sierra Ghia Estate Group Test on the motoring page of the Antiques Trade Gazette…..It was at least the 2.9 litre sierra but I realise now that’s still no excuse. 

This obsession with the hearse-like has continued into adulthood, but sadly, it’s clearly not shared by all as this week Seat have confirmed they're no longer building the Ibiza ST. In fact, following the deaths of similar sized and proportioned models from Peugeot and Renault, the only remaining small estate cars are the Dacia Logan MCV and Skoda Fabia. Industry analysts say small SUVs, such as the Peugeot 2008, have all but killed off the sector as they offer more space for similar money. Any schoolboy caught cooing over snaps of one of these in a car magazine should be referred immediately to a medical professional 

Industry experts blame the popularity of Mini SUVs like the Peugeot 2008 for the demise of the small estate car

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