Small event, big heart.

A charity, all-Japanese, meet.

Christmas is officially here and well, unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to get presents. I'm not going to get into details because this is supposed to be a light hearted post so, I'm going to start with the EVO V.

After 40 minutes of flight to the island where the event was taking place, I arrived at around 8.30 am. Yes, bright and early. I didn't knew what car was supposed to pick me up. I only asked for it to have enough space for the camera equipment and my girlfriend and me so you can imagine my surprise when this showed up around the corner of the airport's parking lot.

And it wasn't alone, to make the journey to the event's place (with a quick pit stop to wash the car) the Evo had a companion:

But let me go back to the Mitsubishi as it is an actually JDM Evo. "But Aaron, the steering wheel is on the left side of the car, you are lying". You are right, it is on the left side. The car has been converted to LHD and homologated which, in Spain, can be... Let's say daunting. The dash used for the conversion was from a Colt. The drive to the event was amazing. It made all the right turbo noises and no rattles or whatsoever. The owner had the car for only a week. Now, here is my biggest surprise: the seats. Okay, I know that everyone in the internet who gets into an actual JDM car talks about the seats being small and tight but I never cared because I'm 1'65 and 57Kg so I assumed that I was a perfect fit for japanese seats. Well, who would've thought, I am. I actually felt like they were custom made for me because they hug me.

Okay, sorry, back to the event.

When we got there it was still early. That meant that I had 2 hours to take some pictures of some other that were already there because they had made their way, on a flatbed, from another island the day before:

Around half an hour before the "opening time", the outside of the venue was packed:

Imagine driving your NSX and seeing your R35 on the rearview mirror, because that is what happening in this photo.

Imagine driving your NSX and seeing your R35 on the rearview mirror, because that is what happening in this photo.

Apart from the NSX, there was another car that stole the show:

No crazy mods, no crazy camber just "sitting nicely". I want an RX-7. No, I need an RX-7. As you may have spotted, the steering wheel on this is on the right and it makes sense. Left hand drive RX7s are hard to find and very, very expensive. The last time I saw one for sale was for 30.000 euros meanwhile RHD ones go for around 12-15 thousand. I think the inconvenience of having a RHD car on a LHD country is not a 15k euros inconvenience.

As for the rest of the day, needless to say that a lot of toys were collected for the more unfortunate kids. You can see the video of the event down here as well as the rest of the photos.

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