Small Projects

Some minor problems are fixable with paint, so I painted them to fix them. First up: the plastic cover over the windshield wiper switch. This is made from very thin plastic which had been weakened by decades of exposure to sun. So I pulled it off, cleaned it up and sprayed it with some Rustoleum spray lacquer. This took multiple coats, so lacquer was ideal as it dries quickly and allows multiple coats without crinkling or bubbling in a very short time.

Here the cover is back in place. Eventually I'll respray the whole steering column.

And back on the steering column. The new paint won’t make it stronger, but should protect it from any further degradation from the sun.

Next up, these alloy “Soccer Ball” wheels:

The recessed areas are supposed to be painted back, but this set has been resprayed all silver at some point. I decided to go with the spray lacquer again, and see how that turns out. First I cleaned the areas to be painted with a sponge, then let the wheel dry before masking and painting.

At first I thought I could get away with masking and painting each section one at a time. But aside from taking too long to do this way, it was difficult to get a good finish without also getting over-spray. So I ended up masking and painting all sections all together. The results were worth it. Much better:

Even little details like these can make a pretty shabby car look that much nicer.

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