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Small Village in Italy Installs Speed Cameras. Issues 58568 Tickets in Two Weeks

How Italian is that?!

2y ago

You will hate me for saying this, but I have nothing against speed cameras. If used reasonably (looking at you politicians) they bring law and order to otherwise chaotic bits of road. Great!

However, things are somewhat different in Italy - where people just can't be bothered by your rules impeding on their hedonistic way of life.

This has never been more true than when in Acquetico, a small village in the northwest corner of Italy, newly installed speed cameras issued 58,568 tickets in just 14 days. And the whole place has only 120 residents!

It turns out, Acquetico is smack in the middle of a heavily trafficked major road, SS28 Nord, so it's not like those 120 people are zipping around like maniacs all the time. No, they were the ones complaining about all the speeding going on in 30mph (50kph) zones.

Acquetico - home of true Italians

Acquetico - home of true Italians

But even more shocking than the number of tickets is the severity at which speed limit was ignored. 20 of the worst offenders did it in the middle of the day, with the highest speed recorded at 84mph (135kph). And that's right next to a pedestrian crossing!

Locals say SS28 Nord was favored among drivers because there were no tolls, speed bumps, or cameras on a "road with ideal asphalt, good width, and continuous bends." Drivers would even stage races between larger towns on the road.

All this reminded me of the old Clarkson's piece on Italian driving culture. You MUST watch it!

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I love the Italians.

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Comments (20)

  • Guess that radar is smashed up by now

      2 years ago
  • In other news, Small Italian town has funding to fully upgrade ALL infrastructure to highest of global standards.

      2 years ago
  • I am not surprised by this in the least. Everyone in Italy speeds everywhere all the time. I am sure all the residents of Acquetico go out and speed through other towns.

      2 years ago
    • It just takes one visit to know how much you are right about this :D

        2 years ago
  • So being In Italy 50,000 tickets are being ignored and the other tickets belonging to foreigner's are being pursued to the max

      2 years ago
    • Well, not anymore

        2 years ago
    • Nonsense.

      In the past, most of the ticket issued to foreigners went unpaid because italian police could not get info about foreign drivers from their other countries' peers.

      Now is seems that communications between countries are...

      Read more
        2 years ago
  • Lucrative.

      2 years ago