Smart Buys

5d ago


Today for discussion we have a 2002 Aston Martin DB7. Sure people have looked down on it by calling it a "jag in drag", or pointing out the Ford parts bin items. Even more claim it will always be in the shop and a source of much heartache and expense. These are all people with zero sense of humor and lack the ability to have fun. While I would NEVER advice anyone to view this as an only car, or a straight substitute for a similarly priced Honda Civic, I do really see an interesting car for the money. Also one that probably isn't ever going to get much cheaper.

Not the most original color choice, but a really good look

Car in question here today is at a small used car lot on Long Island. After viewing their inventory "sub prime" luxury cars are their thing. At least it is not a "buy here pay here" type place.

Car appears to show very well. Pictures are not super detailed so a PPI or personal inspection are needed to know that the silver paint is not hiding damage. Has been listed for a few months now, and even had a few price drops. Two things that are not noted in the listing, but uncovered after speaking with the dealer are that the AC is in-op and there is a crack in the windshield.

My assumption is that the 66k miles is putting buyers off. To me I do not really understand that. These are cars, and as such should be used and enjoyed. As a GT car it was built to drive long distances. Also the carfax shows that it has been used every year. Cars with low miles that sit for long periods of time come with all kinds of issues people do not think about.

In silver the car has a beautiful look. There is no doubt that one would get all kinds of looks while driving. The seats look to be in standard used shape and the black offsets nicely. For me the carbon dash overlays need to go. Not a huge deal, and defiantly something manageable to do at home.

6.0L V12. Nice smooth power.

The real special bit is that this car features the slightly rare 6-Speed manual transmission. For this reason alone I feel it is a good buy. Right now the car community is collectively loosing their minds because people buying new cars are opting to move away from three pedals. Many other high performance manual cars are shooting up in price.

If you only listen to people on internet forums you would RUN away from something like this, BUT the people that actually own them seem to have a different tune. If someone driving a 2002 Honda Accord ran to the local Honda dealer every time they heard a noise they would run up a crazy bill, so I guess my point is that you need to go into owning something like a DB7 with a mindset.

Man built this car, so man can keep it running. Are you really going to take this car to the local Aston dealer for every oil change? Not if you do not hate your money. I see no reason a decent enthusiast could not perform almost any service on this car to keep it on the road. Those guys claiming it is a "bitsa" as a derogatory term are not seeing the bright side! Lots of options to get parts. Sure NAPA isn't going to have much in stock, but you have seen that the internet sells parts, and UPS will bring them to you fairly quickly.

Who would not want something this good looking.

So what do you guys think? Would you rather some BMW for the same price that the internet says will run forever? Or save a boatload of money and buy a Jaguar XJS? Anyone see this as an investment, or at least something that will not go down in value? Think these will ever dip below ten grand? How about an even cheaper supercharged straight six powered car?

If while searching around you stumble across a cool car or a good deal please feel free to post it up. Personally I love talking about this type of stuff.