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Smart sales plummeted since the brand went fully electric

The future of the German brand is bleak

2w ago

While electric cars are the upcoming trend, some rare manufacturers have literally missed this transition. Among these unfortunate brands is Smart, which has nevertheless made the choice to switch its range to all-electric since the end of 2019. Since then, sales have never been so low.

In 2019, Smart sold 114,504 cars in Europe. The following year, this figure plummeted to just 27,218 units sold, a staggering 76.23% drop. In the first three months of 2021, there has been a slight improvement, although the figures are still well below the results of previous years.

There are many reasons behind these weak figures. However, the main problem is the very high price charged for ageing vehicles. With a range of 80 mi (130 km) and prices ranging from €26,000 (£22,600/$31,400) to €30,000 (£26,000/$36,200), the Smart lineup is clearly not off to a good start.

For these prices, there are much larger, more powerful and better equipped cars with a much greater range. As a result, it is difficult for Smart to envisage a serene future. The brand will have to review the technology of its batteries to hope to lower its prices and attract a clientele that it has lost.

Photo credits Smart

Photo credits Smart

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Comments (15)

  • Almost 40k.... for a smart

    No more words needed

      14 days ago
  • It's very, very simple. The stupid thing has no range. Fit. A. Proper. Goddamn. Battery. You. Cheapskates!

      14 days ago
  • They should make another roadster

      14 days ago
  • My wife has an ICE Smart ForFour one of the last before they went EV only. We looked at the EV version (which is actually nicer to drive than the ICE one) but the lease rates were horrendous. Dealer was not excited at the prospect of them only going electric.

      14 days ago
  • Smart ran its course

      14 days ago