- Smartie Pantz comparing reds with The Mistress

Smartie Pantz

Introducing The Mistress' New Little Sister

So, I wrote a book, which is super exciting, but this isn’t about that. I’m only telling you because on the day I revealed the cover art, I also picked up my new car--a brand-spanking-new Smart For Four. And turbo this time around.

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The Reveal: *squeals like a girl* "It's so red!"

It’s adorable, and I even got a fun, flashy reveal at Mercedes-Benz World in Brooklands. But no one got to see that on the day because everything was about the book.

So I am telling you because I’m pretty sure you care more about the announcement of our latest addition, than you would my (awesome) book cover.

Bye, bye Smarticus Prime...

Bye, bye Smarticus Prime...

Now you know that my first Four For, dubbed Smarticus Prime, was a great car for me. It was small enough that I could pretty much navigate the tiny roads of Britain and gave me my much-needed freedom in Surrey. It was with sadness that I said goodbye after three years, but TBH, having turbo is so great.



I mean, look at her. She's so dang cute. Still small but much quicker and much more eye-catching in her red and black--my wedding colours. The hubs likes her too. I let him drive, and he was impressed with the handling over the last one.

He still prefers his Ferrari (natch) but even he could appreciate our newest member of our vehicular family. And this one can be driven in winter. And smells like 'new car' instead of 'eau de Daytona'.

Now I have to get back to doing stuff for my my book--which has, like, one car and a couple of boats in it; it takes place on an island off the coast of Maine. No, there's no sharks either. Told you you'd be more interested in the the new Smart. ;-)

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  • Congratulations Danielle! You sound so happy in the video....

      2 years ago