Smartphone Awards 2020 - what do you think is the best phone of the year?

4w ago

2020 has felt like a very long year, but with that we have seen many smartphone releases. These phones have come from all around the world, and are now going head to head to see which is the best. Hosted by Marques Brownlee, this is The Smartphone Awards of 2020.

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Comments (6)

  • Not really a tech guy, so I suppose my theoretical “oooo that looks nice phone” would be the reborn Motorola Razr or whatever they’re calling it, just on design alone. Otherwise, it’s my new iPhone 11Pro Max which has basically just impressed me by being exactly what I want from a phone and having an absolutely amazing camera that has actually assisted in my review stuff.

    Yes, it’s not the new one, but it’s my phone of the year

      1 month ago
  • S20 FE

      1 month ago
  • Samung Galaxy S20

      1 month ago
  • Samsung Galaxy S20

      1 month ago
  • Samsung Galaxy S20!

      1 month ago