Smell like Clarkson, look like Clarkson this Black Friday

You asked – we delivered… half-price Clarkson air fresheners and more

2y ago

Black Friday is almost upon us – so chances are that you’ve already splurged most of your hard-earned cash on a dazzling array of fluorescent denims, OLED TVs and half-arsed Christmas presents that will be instantly identified by your relatives as ‘from a sale’.

What you might not have done yet, though, is to grab yourself a HALF-PRICE Jeremy Clarkson air freshener. And it truly is the king of cardboardy things that please your nose. Clarkson’s youthful face emits the pleasing fragrance of ‘fresh linen’, which is just as delightful as it sounds.

Close your eyes, open your nose and you could actually be smothered in a high thread-count Egyptian cotton bedspread in a five-star hotel looking out over peaceful Tuscan vines.

Except you’ll just be in the work van and seconds away from crashing. But at least you’ll be the freshest smelling person in the emergency room.

Not content with lovely scents?

Then glory in the wonder that is the cut-price Jeremy Clarkson mask. You can now get hold of one for about 40% off the RRP – and we genuinely can’t think of a better way of impressing your family at the dinner table than eating an entire Christmas lunch with one on.

Head over to the DriveTribe store to get your Black Friday swag.

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