Smokes and mirrors

2y ago


When people think of car culture in singapore, most of the time they think of a ferrari or an obnoxiously loud chrome-wrapped Aventador revving everytime the owner sees a spotter recording. But there is a thriving car culture in singapore with passionate people, one example is the Velotas Autotest held every once in a while and it is always a blast when i attend one.

yes that IS a pink supra

I should begin with what the Autotest is all about and how does it differ from other car events from Singapore. Like any other Autotest around the world, it is based in a parking lot somewhere far away from angry neighbours. For this one it's always held at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal so you get watch some ridiculous cars go ludicrously fast in a tight and twisty course with the sea breeze in your hair.

at rest.

Many different rides arrive at the event, some just to see the scene and some to compete. something bright green caught my eye, it was this lotus with a hell load of carbon, the whole rear end of the car almost seemed to be engulfed by this carbon fibre 'taint'. unsurprisingly it was one of the fastest cars around the auto test and was also one of the loudest. It wasn't powered by the camry V6 but my god did it scream through gears and sounded mental when exiting from the donut box, the owner was definitely pushing the car to its limit as shown in the picture below if you can see the slight glow in the brakes. It was also my first time seeing glowing brakes

high amount of handbrake turns may cause side effects such as glowing brakes.

many different rides arrive at the event, some just to see the scene and some to compete. some unlikely rides attended the meet like this C63 Black Series that was, well, loud would be an understatement. And because this is a 9Tro sponsored event, they came in their tastefully done up Aston Martin V8 Vantage too.

it definitely wasn't running stock pipes.

9tro's V8 vantage

i'm guessing some of you want to know more about the bright pink supra that was participating too. That supra is one of the few left in Singapore, and unfortunately it is not registered as a road car. But it was cool seeing it being used as a track toy, despite it being completely stock, apart from the giant wing and the 3 inch exhaust that looks like it's about to fall off anytime.

There were these competitors that i really supported, Hutch and Harold. They are both brothers who participate in these events often. Hutch drives a TRD-theme-wrapped EP70 Toyota Starlet which has been tweaked for autocross events and Harold drives a rather clean Nissan S14 kouki which does get VERY sideways at times. It's really nice to see the two brothers discussing about their runs and how to improve them.

Hutch's EP70

So if you guys have time to head down to one of these events, please do! It's so epic to see these people absolutely thrash their rides around like toys and definitely something that Singapore's car culture need more of.