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0-62 mph in 27,5 seconds. That's quick as lightning- back in 55. The beetle was actually known for its speed, demolishing the 2CV's and Morris Minors of the time. Marius though, is not to concerned with that thrilling speed (?), he is chill as icecream on a Sunday night. And so is his car. This build was never about adrenalin.

He had clear visions of what he wanted to make, and made it. Although his "visions" might have been the result of some medication- he was actually hospitalized with Lyme decease when he bought it. Left the hospital with an IV in his arm, and collected the car- then went back to the hospital. Chill dude.

Absolutely EVERYTHING has been stripped and replaced with either new parts, or re-furbished existing parts. You might notice it having acrobatic skills- it almost does the split. That's thanks to a 2,3-inch drop plate, moving splines up. Or down, depends on your perspective.

Marius got four sets of wheels. These are Smoothies 8x15 inch rear, and 6x15 inch front. He wants wider ones at the back, but

All class. The interior is original from 1966, so get no ideas about NAVI or some stupid touch screens. Although it does have a hidden ICE- or stereo for us old buggers. Behind seats and stuff.

It is 1641 ccm, but the knowledge stops there. A enginebuilder put it all together before Marius bought it, so he got no info on it. Oh, besides the fact that it definately puts out more than 0 hp- and less than 100 hp!

VW Beetle 1300 1966 – Bahama Blue

Engine: 1641cc, Doble 40mm IDF.

Output: Between 0 hp – 100 hp.

Enginespec: New engine built by a enginebuilder. Dont know too much about it.

Wheels: Originale Smoothies front: 6”x15” with 145/65, rear: 8”x15” med 185/55.

Brakes: Beautiful original ones.

Suspension: Custom front suspension, narrowed ca 4” with welded adjustment for torsion and drop-spindles. Rear suspension is a 3,5-inch drop plate moved 1 outer spline to lower it.

Driveline: 1600 gearbox customized to fit the 1300.

Tires: 145/65x15 Nankang, and 185/55x15 Nankang.

Interior: Original 1966 red leather, with a hidden stereo behind the rear seats. Sub and 6x9" speakers. All in stealth-mode surely.

Exterior: Originally Pearl White, repainted Bahama Blue which was a option back then. Swanneck mirrors.

Thanks to: My own wallet, and my lady for sticking with me through this.

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