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Snag up this ultra-rare Audi R8 LMX now, please

99 units worldwide, 1 of 9 UK examples

37w ago

The other day, I was meant to be doing work, but I didn't manage to complete it in time. Why you may ask, because as usual, I was wasting time browsing through AutoTrader, looking at cars I can never afford for an embarrassing amount of time. Later, I stumbled upon this listing, and was it worth my wasted time? No. But I might as well share it with you guys so it feels like I have accomplished something at the very least.

The first-generation Audi R8 is a phenomenal supercar for those who prefer to subtly stand out, giving the opportunity to allow people to drive their pride and joy on a daily basis comforted by Audi's practicality, coupled with the buzz of a roaring V10 or a V8 behind the driver's back, a welcomed addition. And believe it or not, the nameplate began sales all 14 years back in 2006, so, its aged pretty well too. Good times, good times.

Nearing its replacement for the second-generation R8 as we know of today, Audi could have easily slapped a 'Final Edition' badge on the trunk of the R8, given it some special decals and paint, charge some crazy amount of money over the MSRP of the priciest top-spec model, then call it a day. I can ramble on about the plethora of pathetic ways they could have sent off the OG R8, but to put it in simple terms, what they did to the car was, again, phenomenal. And not lazy.

Assuming you haven't seen the picture above, and if you have, just forget it for a second, because aside from the snazzy quilted leather interior done by Audi Exclusive, some chic new rims and the neat body kit consisting of the front canards and the fixed rear wing, there is a lot more to this final edition of the first-generation R8, mainly that this very car has a feature that will change how all manufactures designs and develops their lights in the future. This car packs the first laser-headlights in any production car, ever. Not 'series' production though because BMW takes that crown with their i8.

Just like its name suggests, there are 4 laser diodes embedded within the housing accompanied with LEDs, and the result of this headlight smoothie is that the projections are twice as far-reaching than the average LEDs from Audi themselves and other brands. And to protect the oncoming driver's eyesights as well as themselves from any potential health hazard lawsuits, the headlights can partially block off the high-beam so it doesn't disintegrate any eyeballs that fall into the path of the laserlights, while maintaining the visibility you expect from a high beam. Very cool.

Oh, I too should also mention that the LMX's naturally aspirated V10 was the most powerful R8 to come out of Ingolstadt back in 2014, bumping power from a puny 542hp to a fire-breathing 562hp, an addition of 20 tyre-shredding horsepower just to show that Audi will not slack off whist working on their special editions. But who cares? This car literally has technology that previously only existed through some Superman comics. Surely that's more interesting than some numbers on a sheet right?

In the end, this R8 LMX marks the end of the first-generation of Audi's halo car, and what a thing this is. Because Audi also thinks 'what a thing this is', an eye-disintegrating £172,000 price tag was slapped on the car, just £10k shy of the then-recently-introduced Lamborghini Huracan.

And knowing its back in 2014, it roughly translates to £192,000 today. Feels too expensive? Don't worry, this example in this article is listed by Automotive Addiction on Auto Trader for 90 grand with 19k miles (31k km), a £102,000 depreciation over a period of 6 years if you include the inflation. Plus the fact that there are only 99 of these in existence. And this is only 1 of 9 UK examples, so you can make 8 more new friends you has the same car as you, a bonus indeed.

I don't even think the total amount of R8 LMX in RHD form even exceeds 20 units, so this is a seriously rare car, for sale now at a seriously rare moment.

If only I had the money...

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  • I'd rock it. Nice shifter!

      8 months ago
  • I wanna move to the UK right now just to get it 😍

      8 months ago