SNAKES AND LATTICE. The ‘Cobra’ Honda XR250 from Argentina’s Lucky Customs

Here's the latest from Argentina's Lucky Customs - a Honda XR250 that makes a toothpick look bloated and a Dylan song look overproduced

3y ago

‘Chuckable’. It’s what we call bikes in England and Down Under that are super easy to throw around on the road. You might call them lithe, lightweight or manoeuvrable. It’s what you get when you start with something that’s already pretty minimal and push it even further. Like whittling a toothpick or stripping back a Dylan song. And if being chuckable was something you could measure, we’re pretty sure that Argentina’s new ‘Cobra’ Honda XR250 would take first prize.

“This is the fifty-seventh Lucky Custom’s project,” says shop owner Lucas Layum, nonchalantly. Damn, that’s a lot of customs. “We opted for a brand new bike to avoid any mechanical worries. We also chose something easily available locally, as we are planning to do a small run of bikes in this style. Yes we still love large displacement customs, but sometimes they are just too expensive for everyone to afford. The XR is very popular throughout Latin America. In fact, they are made locally in Brazil and are called Honda Tornados”.


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