Sneak peek: So, this is what Bugatti has been working on

    It looks to be a track-focussed hypercar!

    5w ago


    Bugatti has been killing us with anticipation over the last few days as they posted several sneak previews of an upcoming car, but this car has now ben spied and it looks absolutely mental.

    Ahead of its 28th of October launch, Bugatti has been spotted testing its brand new track-focussed hypercar on track and it looks like a beast. The previous hints we have been given were the brake-lights and the numbers '0,67'.

    But here it is, something which looks like it eats McLarens and the like for breakfast. It has a very heavily ventilated bonnet, a big roof scoop and a massive rear wing which looks like something from a Star Wars movie.

    Round the back, you will even notice that this new Bugatti sports quad-tailpipes which look really quite good. And with contrary to popular belief, this is not an electric car, it still sounds like it has a W16 engine. Maybe Rimac's influence will come in at a later date? Unless there's hybrid technology?


    If this is the engine we think it is, then this new Bugatti will most likely be sporting a quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 engine. We have no idea how much power it will be putting out, but the Chiron's engine produces 1,479 hp, so this one could even have more.

    I am afraid, that's all we know at this stage but all will be revealed on October 28th. Stay tuned!

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    Comments (28)

    • It looks mental, but I absolutely love it

        1 month ago
    • Oh My God😮 this is incredibly awesome and ridiculous

        1 month ago
    • “0,67”........maybe a power to weight figure?

        1 month ago
      • Maybe acceleration G’s? Although that doesn’t sound like much?

          1 month ago
      • I've heard power-to-weight and that makes sense to me

          1 month ago
    • this thing looks like a space ship with wheels, I LOVE IT!

        1 month ago
    • Imagine being a test driver at bugatti...

        1 month ago


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