'snow foam'

Not a review, just my experience.

2y ago


I realise that a brown, diesel Passat isn’t perhaps the most inspiring of vehicles and I’m sure that you would much rather see a Bugatti or something similar, but this is what I’m working with.

As you can see the 'old girl' is in a bit of a state and in need of some care, especially after a miserable drive home the other night, stuck behind every HGV and 'gritter' in the county. I’ve been a bit sceptical of these attachments but gave the Pro-Kleen lance a go.

One ‘jar’ full of the solution was more than enough to do the car and most of the driveway a bit of myself, 2 of the 3 children and the garage door. Simple to spray on, leave (long enough for a coffee) and wash off.

... and I have to say that the results aren't half bad, considering how little effort was required.

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