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- A really bad dash photo of snow covered ride to work

Sorry for the crap photo, but, when you're driving on crappy snow covered roads and it's sleeting, you're not really making an effort to take "good" photos. I know I'm verging on gushing about my Nissan Rogue, but, I have to say it. The Rogue IS far... the BEST vehicle I've ever driven in such crappy weather. My first car, a 1976 Chevy Camaro was abysmal on snow covered roads and I had my first car accident during a snow storm in Columbus Oh. I've been a really careful driver since and...dare I say it out loud and in writing... I haven't had another snow related accident since. One of the best cars I ever drove in snow, believe it or not, was a Dodge Neon. I drove that blue Neon back and forth to work over an hour drive, through back roads and highways for 7 years. During one snow storm, as I came around corner, the snow was so deep, it went up and over my hood and washed my entire front window in white. While I couldn't see for a few terrifying moments, that car continued to move through it. For a tiny, front wheel drive, small engine car with barely any horse power, it was pretty dang good in snow. You were still scared out of your wits and white knuckling it anytime you had drive it in the snow, but, it did quite well. My last car, the Chevy HHR, again, front wheel drive, small engine, low horse power car was terrible in snow. I live in upstate NY - you know, the place that gets "lake effect" snow every other day dumping feet of snow over our area. As such, I must put good snow tires on any vehicle I own if I expect to get to work on time. The last set of tires I used on the HHR were Michelin's X-Ice tires, some of the best rated snow tires on the market. With those on my HHR, it was still a white knuckle event to get to work. A less white knuckle event than the two previous sets of snow tires I used on the HHR, but, still a white knuckle event none the less. I liked the tires though, so, when I needed to put snow tires on my Rogue a few weeks ago, I chose the Michelin's X-Ice tires with some new smaller width rims. Day before yesterday was the first opportunity to try them out. What an amazing, great ride into work. No sliding, no getting snagged into slush and pulled in one direction or other, no affect on stopping distance. Did I slow down... well, of course, I'm not an idiot! But, I was doing 55 MPH in what would normally be a 65 MPH highway...which I typically drive 73 MPH. It was like I was driving on dry pavement. I passed Semi trucks and snow plows like they were standing still. Now, is it Land Rover or a 4 ton truck... NOPE! But, my Rogue didn't cost what those cost. Can I give the tires the total credit? Nope, I don't think so, because of my previous experience with these tires on the HHR. But, the ROGUE ...what a vehicle!! It just keeps on impressing me. I LOVE this vehicle! And, when you spend good, hard earned money on one of the most used pieces of equipment you own, you should LOVE it, right? Tell me your favorite vehicle in the snow.

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  • In terms of recent cars, I'm surprised how well my current and last Honda Fit handled snow. Maybe it's the gas tank being located under the front seats, but it not all that tail happy in the mushy stuff.

    My ex-Fiat 500, running mud and snows on all four corners was determined to do donuts if there was one snow flake anywhere near it. Fun, but tiresome after a bit.

    Way back, my '71 Beetle was like a polar bear in the snow. No hill was a problem. You just had to plan your corners. It was brilliant. My '82 V6 Mustang was utterly and completely hopeless in anything but dry weather. My '77 V6 Sunbird V6 was better. Both were nose heavy small cars. Hmmm.

      1 year ago
    • that Fiat 500 sounds fun when you wanted to have a donut binge... but, yah, would be quite frustrating if you're trying to get somewhere other than a circle. If I had a Mustang, I'd prob baby it and keep in a heated garage during winter months so...

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        1 year ago
    • I recently moved to Dutchess from NYC and I'm amazed by the snow removal!

      I was in NYC when I had the Mustang. It's really not fair to comment on the handing based on those terrible roads. Snow and rain just didn't help.

        1 year ago
  • In highschool I drove a camero briefly in the snow and your right, they are less than excellent in those conditions. I don't know if I just have one favorite vehicle but what I don't like is all of the computer intervention these days. The last thing I want when sliding through the snow is the car to be throwing a temper tantrum of chattering and whizzing. So whatever the favorite it would have to have full manual mode and some skinny tires always help too. Cheers V

      1 year ago
    • Agreed - I'll go a step further, living in upstate new york, I use remote start, and the new ones cause the car to beep and flash lights like it's on parade... at 5am... that's a lot of stupid crap going on. Can't it just start the car, let me know it...

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        1 year ago
    • Yep my new truck has a quirk. When the gas tank is around half full the check engine light comes on. The code it throws is hi pressure in the fuel line. This then stops my remote start from working for more than 5 seconds. So I have to make sure I...

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        1 year ago


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