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SnowRunner Phase 4 PTS trucks showdown

T​he forthcoming SnowRunner Phase 4 update has so far added four new trucks and two oldies have been updated. Here's a video about them all.

10w ago

R​emember when I prattled on about how you could sample the new SnowRunner Phase 4 maps? Well, that includes all the new trucks (added so far) so I decided to make a video about them.

Y​es, if you go down to the Public Test Server today you will surely get yourself a lot of new trucks to enjoy, which may or may not be tweaked as we head towards the Phase 4 release date in a few weeks (nothing official yet).

P​erhaps we will see it before SnowRunner's 1st birthday on the 28th of April? Anyway, my video also talks about two existing trucks that have also been given a new lease of life, thanks to new addons and tyres.

S​nowRunner – available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and soon the Nintendo Switch – Phase 4 takes the off-road driving simulator back to Mother Russia. This time, the very snowy, unforgiving and generally unfriendly Amur Oblast region in the far east.

N​ot quite as far east as that island believed to have been the last place where woolly mammoths walked the earth, but enough to see temperaturea drop as cold as minus 60 degrees Celsius and an average barely above freezing. So bring gloves.

T​here's really not much else to say except subscribe to the tribe, avoid eating yellow snow and remember that in SnowRunner shortcuts rarely go well.

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