S​nowRunner: Ranking the best trucks for Phase 4 Amur

E​astern Russia's Amur region takes no prisoners. Here is my SnowRunner best truck video guide to help out, in order of capability.

15w ago

E​astern Russia is perhaps not very high on your travel list, but if you want the widest temperature ranges, weather cold enough to freeze engines and to see where Woolly Mammoths used to hang out you will struggle to beat it.

D​eveloper Saber Interactive has gone with the remote Amur region for SnowRunner Phase 4, which includes four maps instead of the usual three. This area is, quite honestly, not for weak truckers and so I thought I would share some tips.

Specifically, a list of what I think to be the 10 best trucks for Phase 4 Amur (press play above). Ranked from 10 to 1 for dramatic effect but also to be useful and eke out that average viewing duration. Got to please the YouTube algorithm gods.

T​he list does not include mod trucks, which was a deliberate choice. I know many of you consider those fan-made alternatives to be overpowered and a form of cheating. See how you feel after a couple of hours in Amur before being too hasty in your opinion.

N​ow being a snowy region and tough as old nails, comparisons with the Phase 1 Imandra map (and to some extent, Lake Kovd) are inevitable. However, Amur makes difficult off-road driving rewarding, where Imandra is often needlessly tedious.

F​ortunately, there are three garages for the four Amur maps and after repairing some bridges and clearing fallen trees life becomes more pleasant. Watching my various guides may help, but is, of course, completely (somewhat) optional.

S​neaking off to get the new Zikz 605R is particularly advisable as this Russian monster of a truck fares especially well in Amur. Plus it makes an awesome engine noise. So what are you waiting for?

A​s A Tribe Called Cars mentioned a few times in previous SnowRunner articles on the Tribe of the Drive, Phase 4 Amur marks the end of the Year 1 Pass (formerly the Season Pass). Now you can buy the Year 2 Pass and wait patiently for another four phases of ice road trucking.

S​nowRunner is available on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox. It can also be played for free via Xbox Game Pass. The Premium Edition includes Phase 1 to 4, making it the best value although you can buy each DLC separately if you wish to save some cash. And avoid Imandra.

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Comments (5)

  • It'd be great if they attempted to fix all the game breaking glitches instead of just adding content. Mudrunner was rock steady and this just gets more frustrating with time.

      3 months ago
    • Agreed these a couple of bugs that seem like an easy fix, although I’m not complaining about this content!

        3 months ago
    • The developers do need to fix some stuff. Truck should not still be disappearing, for instance.

        3 months ago