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So a short investigation on the effects of the kinjapocalipse

Basically, Oppositelock.kinja fell a lot, but it still has a lot of traffic, possibly because of dead links. Then there's Jalopnik, which saw a fall but is recovering, and Drivetribe which received some of Oppos' traffic just after the shutdown.

Shamefully, I cannot find any information on the hyphen... which I haven't joined out of a lack of time and because for some reason I couldn't register myself... but seems great!

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  • Thankyou drivetribe and hyphen for providing a safe landing. This is the best outcome that could have happened.

      9 months ago
  • Tae! Come join hyphen. The vast majority of kinjoppo made it over. It seems like DT is pretty dead, with very little post engagement and few posts per day...

      9 months ago
    • I had trouble making an account when it launched and sort of left it stalled for a while, but now that the semester is over I guess I should give it another go

        9 months ago
    • 9 months ago