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So, does Christian Horner live an alternative reality?

He said something yet again.

4w ago

Yes. Yes, Horner does. Ends.

The truth of the matter is, Horner lives in the world of Red Bull are the best thing to enter F1, ever. Now, do not get me wrong, Red Bull have had a good time in F1, particularly during the years of 2010-2013, with four back to back titles.

But, seven years later, this team, well Horner still seems to believe they are the best. He specifically likes to talk all about Max Verstappen and everything perfect or make it everything the dutchman does and turns it into praise.

Today (That being 22nd January 2021), this was tweeted surrounding something Horner has said:

This tweet is a prime example of Horner being Horner. Horner heavily thinks that Verstappen is the best thing to enter F1 ever, at least that is how you can interpret it. Let me clarify, Verstappen is a brilliant driver, is he the current best? No, that would be Sir Lewis Hamilton, and it is not just down to the car. But Verstappen drives the Red Bull car, to mainly second most weekends and that says a lot.

However, picking out Sakhir as proof of Verstappen being the best? This is just pure confusion. Firstly, Verstappen crashed into a bloody wall in the first few laps. Secondly, the seven-time World Champion and the best driver on the grid was missing due to COVID-19. But then Horner referenced George Russell. So let's analyse and unfold that:

The 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix saw Russell step into the best car on the grid, W11, from the worst car on the grid, in the Williams. Russell did not have shoes that fit him and the car didn't really fit him because he is over six foot. He also had a teammate who had driven the car all year (But yes Bottas is no Hamilton).

However, despite all those factors, Russell found himself the class of the field, despite not winning the race. Well, Russell would have won that race if it were not for Mercedes. He quickly got ahead of more experienced teammate, Bottas and from there it just carried on. Russell handled himself with composure and maturity despite never having even scored points in F1.

The way Russell was driving was, in fact, similar to Verstappen in a certain 2016 Spanish Grand Prix. It should have been a similar story, of the first race with the big team and a first win. Sadly, the racing gods said no that day for Russell. But the Sakhir Grand Prix showed a glimpse of what is in store for Russell in the future.

Russell doing something similar to Verstappen sort of disproves what Horner had to say because it showed it could be replicated if a team had not messed up.

There are so many other races from the 2020 season that Horner could have picked out. Verstappen several times proved just how good he is. Look at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, he went at the Mercedes and beat them, that was a time he stood out.

But Horner's comments, which are just constant praise for Verstappen and acting like no one is as good as him should be expected. He did the same with Sebastian Vettel, but then Vettel was winning titles.

Horner wants to think Verstappen is the best and he has a right to but his choice of words constantly seem stupid. It is hard to know whether they have any truth because Red Bull hasn't made a good enough car to compete with Mercedes in the last seven years.

Maybe Horner is just saying this stuff to stir the pot. If he is, he is doing one hell of a good job because well everyone reacts to the comments, mainly in a negative way, but we all react. These comments gain Horner attention and we start debating the truth in what he says. I just did exactly that.

So, does Christian Horner live an alternative reality? Yes. Honestly, I think he has said so much positive stuff about Verstappen to discredit Mercedes and Hamilton that he believes Verstappen is the best thing since sliced bread

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Comments (20)

  • I still think it’s funny that the UK knighted Lewis Hamilton for matching a record not breaking it, man other than Brexit they really must have nothing to do there.

      1 month ago
  • Great piece of writing, reaffirming my thoughts on Horner, then soften comes across as an idiot trying to stir something up when he has A. No right too & B. Little facts to base his words on. I often think what planet is that guy on, he’s delusional! The inside gossip from a mate involved in the F1 Netflix series was pretty much the same..

      1 month ago
  • Christian's main title may be Team Principle but he is also heavily involved in the promotion of the brand - every time he says something - good, bad or total nonsense - people will take a look and the Red Bull brand gets some more notice...

      1 month ago
  • Well, he starts every year by talking about either Red Bull or his drivers as the absolute best and dissing everyone else. He seems to think that he’ll get under Merc’s skin by ‘sledging’. Unfortunately for him he has had to eat his words well before by the end of the year. He’s just got a nasty streak to him - you only have to listen to the sly comments and digs he constantly slips in when he’s being interviewed.

    Regardless, if Max is so good and Sir Lewis only wins because of his Merc car, he should be big enough to encourage Max to drive for Mercedes and show his true worth coz Red Bull sure ain’t delivering...

      1 month ago
  • Is Sir Lewis Hamilton technically in F1 at the moment with his contracts not sorted out yet. Verstappen is best by a technicality for a few weeks lol

      1 month ago