So I have this rare black leather Momo Cobra 1 steering wheel laying around. Mine isn't in the best shape but I can always restore it (mine is the one on the second pic). I would like to know how much is it worth as I don't need it and would like to sell it, also if you know if it came stock in any car then tell me. I don't know if this is the correct tribe to post to but I couldn't find any that would fit this question more. Thanks for reading and hopefully helping.

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  • $200-$350 USD for used ones in good condition is what I see on ebay. I’d love that steering wheel for my BMW because it’s period-correct…

      6 months ago
    • Thanks for the research. I am still thinking if it is really worth it to restore it and sell it now, maybe I will just keep it and hope it becomes more expensive. I found out that it came stock in some porsches as an option but idk which porsches. I...

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        6 months ago
      • 6 months ago