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    N​ew Plugs, New Wires, New Distributor, Bad News...

    4w ago


    H​ello, and welcome back everyone. I present to you, part two of my project e30. If you are new to this post, let me give you a little recap on everything.

    A​ couple weeks ago, I picked up one of the cheapest BMW e30s I could find for only $1,000. It needed a bit of work but it seemed to be a turn key car. It turned over, most of the lights worked, no fires under the hood(yet.) shifted properly, the list goes on. It seemed like it just needed some cosmetics and a little bit of love. If you want to check out the first video to this, I'll post it below this paragraph.


    ​Anyway, after taking it for a test drive, it seemed to be a little sluggesh off the line and it felt like it was down a cylinder or two, meaning I had a misfire somewhere and not knowing the age of the plugs, wires, and distributor, I decided it would be a good idea to change them all at once and get it all out of the way. So I hop on Rockauto.com order some parts and play the waiting game. Just staring out the window, waiting for the parts to arrive like a dog waiting for their favorite human to return home, when in reality, I only ordered the parts 5 minutes ago.

    ​A couple days pass and all the parts arrive. Literally, there is no better feeling in the world seeing your car parts delivered. I'm like a kid on Christmas. So, I head down to my shop grab the e30, fire her up, she seems a bit sluggesh to start, but I pay no attention to that. I pull her into the shop bay and I noticed she was struggling to get up the small incline before the garage bay door. I just think it is the bad spark plugs acting up and quickly forget about it.

    I​ open up the boxes, pull everything out, grab the cool little magnet they give you,(yes, Rockauto.com gives you cool car magnets when you order from them. check your boxes.) throw the cool magnet on the beer fridge, set up everything for filming a proceeded to replace the distributor cap, the wires, and then, the spark plugs.

    a​s I looked at the spark plugs, they seemed a bit warn out and they were past due to be replaced. So, I was thinking I am going to have this car back up and running in tip top shape in no time! replaced the warn out duct tape on the seat with fresh duct tape and I was feeling good. I fired up the car and it was running so much better! I was happy. I was getting everything ready to go for a nice little drive on the backroads by my shop. as I am heading down the road, everything seems to be running fine. That is til the car started running a bit funny so I turned around and headed for my shop.

    ​Trying to make it to my shop as fast as I could I was feeling the car lose power. I was praying to the car gods to let me make it back to my shop before it would die on me. At this point in time, the car is skipping and back firing and barely moving. I pull into the driveway of the shop and then she dies... luckily enough for me, it rolled right into the shop bay. A million thoughts were going through my head. Then I did what anyone would do, I turned the car over to start to see what it would do. Would it start? would it just keep turning over? As I turn the key, the lights on the dash went dim and then I heard a "click, click, click" coming from the starter, which meant there wasn't any juice in the battery. I have come down to three conclusions. The battery is bad, the alternator is bad, or they're both good and I have some wiring gremlins to hunt down. I am hoping it is either A or B as I hate wiring. I am so terrible at it and having an extra alternator sitting in the back of the car doesn't really give me hope it is bad...

    But, this is all I am going to write for now and I will leave you the video for part two of my e30 series I currently have going on. If anyone is interested in watching it, let me know what you guys think of it and let me know what you think could be the cause of this. I'd love some input. Maybe think about subscribing if you want more up to date content on this little car. it is going to be one interesting journey.


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