So I Took My Camaro To Go Get a Christmas Tree...

An Article For The Budget Minded People This Christmas.

21w ago

First of all, let me start by saying today is my birthday! I turn 28 today. I'm getting old I know... I hate it... But anyways. At my shop I had nothing going on, it was my birthday and I didn't feel like getting all greasy and dirty when I knew I was probably going out somewhere later and everyone needs a day to themselves. A nice "me" day. I decided to I wanted to take the Camaro out since I haven't really drove that thing all year like I planned on. That's what happens when you get too many project vehicles. Takes away from your fun days.

I grab the keys for the Camaro, pumped the pedal a bit to get some gas in the carburetor, cranked it a bit, and all 8 cylinders come to life. It was cold out, sun was out, but it was still a bit above freezing, so I let the car warm up for a little while, also I have no working heat in the car. heater core blew on me years ago. Never fixed it, just rerouted everything. Because race car.

The engine heat usually kept the cabin of the car a bit warm. warm enough to where the windows would not frost over. So I backed out of the shop driveway and off I went down the road. I decided to take some back road and enjoy it. It's a monday. No one is really on the road around 2:00PM anyways, so it was the perfect time to go out for a nice little drive.

When you're out for a drive you get to think. Think about topics on your mind and things you need to work out. My Camaro was my thinking space with a V8. I would think about everything from, "If I was a cop, where would I be hiding on this road?" to "I still have to go Christmas shopping for everybody. what do I get them?" And then that's when I realized, I don't even have a Christmas tree in my little apartment. A full sized tree would have been too big to fit, even a small shrub would not work. So I hatched a better plan.

I was going to use one of those green pine tree air fresheners as my Christmas tree! It was a brilliant plan. I had to do it in a comical way though. So before I hit the gas station to get my new air freshener Christmas tree, I had to get some string. I was going to tie it to the roof of my car and drive around like that!

I went to the local hardware store, bought a ball of string, and off I went to the gas station. I pull up to the pump, I get some gas, and then I head inside. I find where they hide the air freshener trees and then I find the original "Royal Pine" sent. I look at the price. $1.00. I was sold. Especially after my grandparents told me they spent $60 on a tree! I couldn't believe the price for a real tree! It better have come with presents already under it if you're spending that kind of money.

I pull into a parking spot at the gas station, unwrap my new Christmas tree and put it on the roof. I grab the string, I threw one side of it over the car and brought the string in through the passenger side window and did the same with the drivers side. I stood the tree up to make the string a bit tighter and to get it the look of a "real tree" when going down the road.

At that time, I decided to head back to my apartment. The tree stayed standing up to around 30-40mph, which I was surprised, then it fell over, flattened out, and if it wasn't for the tie down going through that little string the air freshener comes with, I would be out one dollar and an air freshener Christmas tree.

I will say, I thought it was pretty funny and pretty cool. I got back to my apartment, stood it back up and took some funny pictures to post in other car groups online. I untied everything and took it into my apartment. I found a thumb tack and hung it on the wall. Literally, I'm not joking. This is going to be my Christmas tree. Here it is hanging on my wall.

I think I might keep this tradition going! It's great when I have visitors over, it will give them a laugh and maybe it can be a new trend for car enthusiasts. But my next question is, should I decorate it? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Glad to know the Camaro could withstand the immense load.

      4 months ago
  • You should put some lights on it

      4 months ago
  • Good old American Iron, doesn't get any better than that.

      4 months ago
  • That Camaro looks brilliant!

      4 months ago
  • big tree small car

      4 months ago