So, it's been some time...

The story ends... but another begins...

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Well... It's been some time.

How do I start this? I guess with hello again and sorry I haven't been around for months! I have been so busy it's silly.

Since you heard from me last, I have gone down a different path. I work proudly for Games Workshop, a company who make table-top war games, such as Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar. I work in Warhammer World - the largest and best Warhammer store... in the world. Sorry, couldn't help myself. I am known by a lot of people as 'the Lady of the Brush' or the blue painting queen by customers and online followers alike... Kids call me the lady with the blue hair... classic.

I even run a painting workshop with my workmate Ash - with each one having silly photos to do with each theme. I am very much appreciated at GW, with higher-up bosses knowing who I am, I get to do cool things... being heavily involved with projects and new ideas and products.

With that, I work with a great team of lads in my store, one of those being my other half, Sam. We all get a long like a house on fire, in a lake of lava, on Mercury and our boss is really cool. We even visited his first store in Edinburgh a few months ago (that's the cover photo at the top).

But alas, I must give you some news...

I no longer write articles about cars and motoring related items - I haven't the time. I lost the love for it, maybe it wasn't right for me, maybe I wasn't right for it? Either way, I won't be writing any time soon about engines or horsepower. I still love cars, but I don't think Journalism was right for my passion.

But... FoodTribe is something I can do, very very easily... as I am a greedy little foodie. I have even lots of weird and wonderful stuff - from local to exotic - I've eaten a lot. So, time willing, I will post some FoodTribe items up in the future. Maybe some recipes for my evil dark chocolate brownies or what I get to eat in Paris next year for my birthday...

It's a new beginning in something else I love.

See you around guys...

Emma :)

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Comments (9)

  • Great to see you found your passion Emma we will miss your articles all the very best !

      8 months ago
  • I want to see some Warhammer posts! That was my local store in Edinburgh back in the day!

      8 months ago
    • Need to make a Warhammer Tribe then don't I 😉 I think you will know my boss then, big Baz of Edinburgh.

        8 months ago
  • Great to see you Emma! looking forward to the Emma flapjacks and cheese cakes!

      8 months ago
  • Good luck Emma!!

      2 months ago
  • Happy to see you happy! All the best for you, Emma!

      8 months ago