- Never thought in a million years I'd ever have bought one of these

So I've finally got an EV

But still cannot believe which one I picked or even how much I like it

6d ago

Well I've finally done it, after meaning to do it for a while now but having no set plan as to how or what it would be even, I've gone electric. I couldn't be happier (even though there's been a few "hiccups" caused be me being a nincompoop) and yep it's an MG ZS.

Well, it's no Rover K series that's for sure.

Well, it's no Rover K series that's for sure.

About a week back I spotted this car outside the MG dealer and at first didn't think much about it. But over the course of a day, I began to think about the car in question. It was a demonstrator with only 35 miles on the clock and over £9k off the list price from new, now I'm sure there could be better deals further a field in "the city" but decided there was no harm in calling the dealer up and arrange the test drive anyway.

Next day I've parked my diesel van outside, been handed the keys to the ZS and assured I could take it anywhere I felt like driving with "no rush" to come back, within an hour my mind was made up, the van was going and I agreed to buy this car.

Very inoffensive looking and I love it for that.

Very inoffensive looking and I love it for that.

I hadn't expected to like this as much as I did, but nothing to do with it being electric, no it's because I've never really liked modern MGs or SUVs for that matter, so by that logic I should despise these cars... but I don't. You see it's hard to explain why I like it, it's not as good as a Model 3 Tesla in terms of range and performance or compared to my now previous daily (VW Caddy) not as well put together, but it's so far proving itself to be a good allrounder as my commuter and has a ton of little touches that I'm over the moon with.

The Good

For a start it's effortless to drive, seeing as I now drive a bus every day it's good to be able to get into something that is totally stress free on the 30 mile drive home. The interior, although not as sturdy feeling as my VW, is a nice place to be with seats that are incredibly more comfortable than I was expecting. There's nothing ground breaking with this car in terms of standard kit but is well spec'd none the less (even if the infotainment is a little dated) and the heater is brilliant, does anyone know how good it is to get into a car after 10hrs and hot air to be instantly available without waiting for it to warm up? It's bliss on a cold evening. The acceleration isn't par with a Porsche Taycan (I'd assume) but still brutal compared to my VW. The charging infrastructure from where I live to work is perfect for me and still free to use (I've payed the £20 a year for an RFID card for better convenience but that's my choice) even using a 3 pin plug at home overnight has been hassle free so far (electrician is booked to install a zappy charger very soon, with a government grant too) What I like most about this car however is that it's just a car, no self driving, no silly modes, my dad had a shot of it and got the knack for it very quickly. It's a no frills car (by 2021 standards at least) that happens to be electric. It's not by any means a perfect car but for what I expect and need from it, it's flaws are trivial.

Not anything special, just a nice place to be

Not anything special, just a nice place to be

The Bad?

Now obviously the range is somewhat subpar with some of it's way more expensive rivals at 163 miles (best I've got so far is 150 miles) but it's displayed way more accurately than my VWs fuel gauge ever did and seeing as I'll never be doing more than 60 miles a day with at least four options for charging at worse, I never need to worry. What is a slight worry is twice I've tried to use a particular charger and it appears to have been "mistreated" and so I've had to go elsewhere (who the hell puts a big red button at child height) but again I've got plenty options so no worries and can hardly fault the car for it. The top speed is only 87mph, oh no than means I'll never get back to 1985. I could complain that some of the panel gaps aren't VW quality and some of the materials feel a bit thin, but it's not claiming to be a high end car and at no point was I mislead into thinking it was, so again it's exceeded my expectations (which given MGs pre-Chinese past, was very low) it's a budget EV not an Audi E-Tron. The cruise control is pointless I will be critical about that, it works fine just has no point being there... I won't ever use it. Also the colour is a bit off for me, but that's just me so I can live with it.

Slightly bummed they only facelifted the petrol version

Slightly bummed they only facelifted the petrol version

All in all I'm really liking this car and pleased to say it's doing exactly what I need as a daily. Not to mention I'm set to save a fortune in running costs. Cars like this are important, daily commuter cars that can manage any mundane task grownups need to deal with (work, school run, shopping, etc...) we don't need 400+hp missiles with steering wheels for that. The fact it's honest about what it is and doesn't try to hide it's shortcomings, it just works as a good budget car.

I'm not telling everyone to buy this car or even go electric, all I'm doing is stating for the record that this car works for me and is already proving itself up to the tasks I'm giving it. Only question is now what do I spend the money I end up saving on.

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  • Glad you're liking the ZS, I'm a big fan of its simple impressiveness.

      3 days ago
  • From front Mazda, from back Kia.

      5 days ago
  • My EV comments is based on my experience with electric trains which cover these stellar mileages and stop starting. Strange thing is the electronics seem to “bed in” after a few months and very rarely fail unless it is a inherent component or board problem

    The other problem is obsolescence, which comes around quicker than mechanical units!

      6 days ago
  • for any other idea's welcome suggestion one of these would be my EV project. I remember seeing them driving around growing up in the 1990's and then they disappeared in the early 2000's.

      4 days ago
  • My wife has been running one for a year now and really likes hers. We’ve had no reliability issues and servicing is every 2 years or 15000 miles.when I asked about servicing cost all dealer would provide is their monthl service plan so still not sure of actual servicd price.

      5 days ago