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So I've Made a Ralsei Ram

20w ago


I started on the Ralsei layer group around the start of December and didn't finish until almost two weeks later. Admittedly I was procrastinating, but after those two weeks I finished the group and decided to make a pun out of the Ram Power Wagon in Forza Horizon 4. Since Ralsei is a goat and a ram is a kind of goat, why not a Ralsei Ram?

However at first I thought it was all perfect until I made the picture of my layer group into my phone's background. That's when I realized that his scarf is way too high! I did correct it... a day after I first shared it. But now it should be corrected!

How he looked before the correction. You can tell I was trying to speed up the process with filling in the gaps but messed myself up in the process.

Here he is after the correction. Just look at that cute smile!

Making the livery to put him on (both the livery (Ralsei Ram) and the layer group are shared in the marketplace) I wanted to make it look somewhat mystical but still fun to look at at the same time. I did that but it also looks like one of those early 00's/late 90's liveries that people in the 'states sometimes put on their pickup. The colors came out nicely though and that is good for me!

You can tell this was before the correction but I really liked how it looked afterward. Also you can see Ralsei's head on the side, that's how it started! The only thing that still feels iffy to me is the wheels but it's shared anyway!

Goat boi's hat HAD to be on the back. I wanted to have fun with it though!

Livery name: Ralsei Ram

Layer Group Name: Ralsei

I really hope Deltarune Chapter two comes out soon!!