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- Kenwood DDX919WS headunit with wireless CarpPlay. Customized the boot screen. Now thre are no Toyota logos insde the car at all. Most recently added a paper finish screen protector to reduce galre and hide fingerprints.
- Kenwood rear view camera,. Integrated with the head unit.
- Space saver rear wheel. Had a low speed accident on a greasy roundabout that shredded a tire. Decided the goo kit had to go.
- Child seat. Drove my son to Italy when he was four months old in a rear-facing child seat. Now it’s mostly the school run when the weather is bad.
- Installed the OEM arm rest. Recently added a 20 watt dual USB-C charger and a MagSafe connector for my new iPhone 13 mini.
- As a kid I wanted a DB5. The GT86 is styled after another Bond car (the 2000GT) so of course I had to add an ejector seat button.
- Perrin stubby ariel. The huge one that came with the car got in the way of the car cover.
- Integrated Kenwood dash cam. Every car should have one fitted as standard. It does delayed departure, lane departure and collision warnings and also parking incident recordings.
- By default, keyless entry only opens the driver side door. But there is a thing you can do with the key to set it so that both doors open. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten what it was. I’m sure Google can help.
- OEM one piece stereo surround. The original plastic two piece looked like fake carbon and I hated it. This is from the JDM BRZ GT spec.
- Airbag warning delete. They aren’t stickers you can just peel off, so I covered them with matt vinyl. They look ugly and I know not to put a rear facing child seat in the front seat without switching off the airbag.
- Sound pipe delete. It’s under the carpet between the clutch and brake. I prefer a quiet cabin. My next mod will be dynamat.
- Pilot Sport 4 tires. They make more noise, but I haven’t had any low speed spills on greasy roundabouts since I switched.
- Bike rack. It’s a bit of a faff but it will support two adult sized bikes.
- Rubber mat inserts. I was going to go for plain black but these were discounted. Makes the empty area where the heated seat buttons would go if I had them look nicer.
- Microphone. Part of the stereo upgrade. In theory I could have plumbed in the original mic, but this one is stuck on with Gorilla tape and I don’t notice it’s there most of the time.

So long DriveTribe, and thanks for all the mods Although I got my GT86 in 2013, I didn’t really start personalising it until DriveTribe came along. I downloaded everything I posted for posterity. One of my posts even made it to the DriveTribe homepage, getting over 10,000 views. Here then is everything I’ve done (mostly) over the last five years.

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