So. Now christmas is over, and my car is broken(again).
I haven't posted for a while bacause i had stressful worktime.
Between 26 and 27 december i had a little accident with a Alfa 147 (think the worst car to do an accident wirh) all my car front was unreparaible.
Because here alfa parts are so cheap (only because scrapmetal guy knows me lol) i buyed full front body for only 80€, and since i need a fuel pump replacement i stopped it for a week. I discovered old owner replaced fuel pump only one year ago. Since this i discovered also he washwd all the inside of the fuel tank with nitro thinner and the result was fuel filter clogged with the plastic of the fuel pump cover 😣😲😧.
Ordered new fuel filter and replace it, take an opportunity to replace also the fuel indicator. The new fuel pump gasket was in terrible condition so i ordered one from Ferrari Mondial (52.00mm diameter).
Now the car runs perfectly also on Unloaded Fuel.
Tomorrow i will changw the front (bonnet and bonnet closer).
Very grateful to that guy from scrapmetal for give me a various parts for so little money
#alfaromeo #155 #lmp