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So, spring is very quickly getting closer, as is evident in the flurry of activity surrounding Circuit de Catalunya and the much microscoped F1 testing going on there.
Don’t let that detract from the fact that the WEC season is in full swing, IMSA and PWC are both following suit, and everyone else is kicking off their seasons in their different disciplines.
Our TT season has already started with a bang. Our double event weekend in conjunction with our SCCA Division Race opener led to some great lap times, minor carnage, and a great start to the season.
This weekend kicks off our Solo season. AX still gets a bit ridiculed by some segments of auto sport, but it’s still fun, and a great way to work on car control and instinctive response.
The one thing that really makes this fun, is that this weekend is supposed to be near freezing air temps, and wet.

So much fun.

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