So thats why my CAR tax is so high!

Now i know what you are all thinking, what is this bloody idiot going on about, who is he and what the hell does he know! well ladies and gentlemen if you give me a few minutes of your time i will be able to explain all.

This all came about today when i decided it would be a nice idea for on one of my few weekdays off to pick my younger brother and sister up from primary school. As myself and mum arrived near the school i saw what i was lead to believe was a 4x4 showroom in the car park. there were Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Jeeps, CR-V's, VW Tiguan and even a few new Mercedes ML's. now all of these cars as i'm sure you'd agree are all very nice (except the CR-V, no-one in their right mind would pay real cash money for one) however is there really a need for such a large, petrol burning vehicle for the 5 minute commute to the local school?

Now i did see one sensible woman drive a new shape 1 litre eco boost fiesta which however got lost in the sea of SUV's and had to speed twenty minutes finding the bloody thing. poor woman. now my point to all of this is, and bear with me, the government are aware of these crazy people driving these massive cars through towns, villages and cities to gather and drop off their offspring at school. so what do they do, raise car tax, simplest and easiest way to earn money.

typical mum taking child to school (perfect example)

Now this is the bit that really gets me, the stick is always given to the 'boy racers' or the middle aged man with his new V8 mustang which he sold a kidney for but i honest believe if all school runs were done in electric or a small engine car the air would be that clear you could breathe in the finest of oxygens and your life span would at least triple. the other thing about it is none of these women really know how to drive these cars. The husbands probably get an earful from their wives about how much they need one and they go, yes dear, when for the last fifteen years they've been driving round in a fiat punto with a dent on the wing. I saw at least six alloy wheels meet their death bed, nine curbs mounted, two children stuck in front grills and the year four teacher run down, let alone the amount of clutches they were being ridden to buggery.

Now don't get me wrong, 15% of these 4x4 drivers have a half idea how to use them but if you were to ever ask them, everyone would be in that 15% of okay drivers. ridiculous, anyhow, the other thing that completely shocks me is the distance in which these mums have to go to collect their children, of the two people i know one lives down the road a grand total of a three minute walk who feels the need to drive like a NASCAR racer going round the last corner on the final lap. another lives two roads down, a good and i mean a good eight minute walk, too much for this fine group of people to walk.

All i am trying to get at is please let’s leave the one point nothing tin can north owners group who meet up once a month in a small car park in bradford who cause less emissions then a school mum who does the four minute run twice daily. i propose to the government that they ban school runs to be done in nothing else expect a prius and lower the car tax by 50% for everyone else... or get f****** tolls like the other countries and stop charging us hundreds of pounds a year!

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