- S​o you wanted a project car, huh?

S​o The Camaro I Pulled From A Field Had The Starter Die On Me The Other Day...

T​he Car Was Sitting For Over 5 Years, What Did I Expect?

1y ago

​A while back, I went and picked up this old 1981 Chevrolet Camaro out of a field where she sat with a blown up transmission for a number of years. The poor car has been living a tough life living in New England, probably it's entire life. Dealing with the elements and mostly the snow and sitting in that field did not do the undercarriage any justice either. So I hooked it up and dragged it out of the weeds of where everyone thought it would be the death of her, but I threw a used transmission in, and got her moving under her own power again.

Of course, after getting it running and moving under its own power then driving it around the shop a couple days, the starter locks up and it was in the lower bay/car storage area in the back of the building where its a haul to bring tools to and from. definitely got my exercise in that day. I rent out a shop with a lift so I don't have to crawl underneath cars anymore, then this happens. I guess old habits never die.

​After throwing a new starter in it, she fires up like new and sounds much healthier when turning over. its quite nice. One less thing I have to worry about now but if anyone who is interested, or needs to replace the starter on anything with a Chevrolet small block V8 in it, maybe this video will help you out. I love helping people whenever I can so if this video helps you out in anyway, let me know. I try to save people money as well whenever I can. So I'll throw a link down to a video I made about replacing the starter if anyone needs it. Think about maybe hitting that "like" button or subscribe for more automotive content.

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Comments (2)

  • Should have called the Roadkill guys:)

      1 year ago
  • That starter wasn’t bad , you could hear the bendix hit the flywheel. Check grounds or amps left in battery. Either way put a newer mini starter in.

      1 year ago