- M.Schumacher In a Ferrari Again, Just Feels Right Doesn't it

Well, for those of you living under a rock who haven't heard there's a young German F2 driver who goes by the name of Mick who's dad didn't really do much in F1.......And said young German has been doing some testing with Ferrari and Alfa Romeo in the recent tests in Bahrain and in doing so has attracted quite the media storm.

So the question is do we believe the Hype or, is this just one of the single best marketing opportunities in the history of Motorsport?

Now I'd love it if in a few years i'd be watching Mick Schumacher win the WDC for Ferrari and the circle of life being complete and as great as this would be and I'm not saying it wont happen but. I think we are all getting caught up in the name and the fact that Mick is a Schumacher.

Mick Is talented there's no denying that, he is F3 champion after all but he is in f2 now and has much stiffer competition, more pressure, more attention also being put into the Ferrari young driver program will give him yes on one hand lots of support but on the other hand lots of expectation of pressure.

The way I feel this could play out can be compared to a similar case in Football, that of Brooklyn Beckham, Brooklyn was in the arsenal acedemy up until he was 16, he was good and a very talented player but got a few places because of his name and probably wasn't good enough to make it at the top level. Obviously this is the cynical view and could well not happen and personally I hope it doesn't but I'm just saying it could.

On the other hand Mick could be the second coming of Michael and destroy the field when he gets to f1 and just be amazing.

Realistically no one actually knows what will happen because, well, no one can see into the future but in my humble opinion everyone is getting ahead of themselves even the commentators of the F2 race on Sky Sports saying "he even warms his tyres like his dad".

All I want is for Mick to prove himself with his talent and not his name and with a bit of luck will be driving in the scarlet red scuderia very soon!

I would also like to send my thoughts, prayers and continued support for the Schumacher family.


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