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So today my Wife’s mother, who owns a 2014 WRX hatch, said that her coworker had received the most recent copy of consumer reports auto ratings. As a WRX owner of course she looked straight through to find the WRX and what rating it received and to her surprise it was rated last in the class Sport/Sporty Sedans in the 25k-30k category.

She immediately alerted us to the fact and I was surprised to say the least. I wondered what could it have been rated against and why did it possibly do so bad?

Then I saw the cars that it was compared to. An MX-5? The BRZ? Sure these cars are in the same price point, but it seems like they are comparing apples to oranges here. How could a two door RWD car be compared to an AWD true four seater?

The WRX takes its biggest hit in the reliability category and owner satisfaction. Which is shocking given the Subaru community, I don’t know many WRX owners who are not happy with their cars.

But getting past what I have or haven’t heard, my main point is that in this category sure the WRX might finish last it that’s because it’s being compared to cars that are designed for a pure drivers experience. What is undervalued here is practically.

Sure if you haven’t got kids, you don’t want to bring anything larger than a couple bags places, and you’re okay only carrying one extra person and some torsos without legs in the back, the MX-5 and BRZ are great. And don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they’re bad cars, but to rate the WRX in this category seems to severely under value it’s main selling points: AWD with power and space.

The WRX is practical in the real world. Coming from New England, you cannot undervalue AWD when it snows. Without a doubt you will be driving past all the suckers with FWD and RWD stuck on the hill they stopped on and can’t get going again because there’s a couple inches of powder fallen over night. If you had an MX-5 in that kind of weather, we’ll, good luck. You’re either stuck or you’ve left it at home.

Another way the car is practical in the real world is cargo which I hinted at earlier. Not too many cars oriented toward performance give you the space that a WRX get top ranking here even in the consumer report. If Subaru had given us the hatch version there’d be even more!

The WRX doesn’t deserve to be last here. It’s designed for people who want to use their car for more than just a weekend toy, but maybe I’m crazy, maybe you agree with me, let me know what you think!

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  • Yeah these reports are all bs. Like you said, they're comparing apples to oranges. The Golf GTI is a much, much better car than the MX5 and the BRZ/86, and yet those cars scored higher because ReAr WhEeL dRiVe. Dont let it bother you too much, I know my GTI is better than those cars, it's more fun, faster and has a turbo.

      1 year ago
  • Maybe I’m just nitpicking here but I think there is only one WRX that falls into the 25-30k range: the base model. That might be why some have buyers remorse.

    But I totally agree with everything you said about the car.

      1 year ago
    • Yeah that is a good point, if you spec it out at all a wrx can cost a little more. And at some point you might as well have an STI!

        1 year ago