So we all know I have a hard on for G-Shocks..............

It’s not available yet but think I might just (for no reason) upgrade my GBD-H1000

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Comments (6)

  • that's expensive :O

      18 days ago
  • I really like this

      14 days ago
    • It is a rather expensive pager but I’m definitely going to be getting it although hopefully by Xmas when I have saved up enough pennies there will be a few more colour options

        14 days ago
  • yeah its bomb AF but 65.6x56.3 ouch. If they can make a sub 45x45 I'm prolly in.

      16 days ago
    • My GBD is 63x55 and don’t think it’s overly big but I do have big arms and hands so that’s probably why. Recently purchased as GA-2000 and it comparison it looks like a baby G lol as it’s a 51x48

        15 days ago
  • But it’s sooooo nice

      17 days ago