So what do I do with this?

Short Answer: Dunno. Long Answer: Duuuuuuuuunno.

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I've done writing before. Previously, I've written reports and articles for two of the nation's foremost publications on drag racing, both of which have since fell off the publishing bandwagon. Coincidence, I swear. Also ignore the fact that three websites have also logged off since I last put text on screen in a serious manner. Just... look, everything is fine and dandy.

Random photo. I have lots of these.

Random photo. I have lots of these.

But having done all that, bought the t-shirt and subsequently worn it out, I actually have no idea how to fit in and be useful in local drag racing circles. Videography, photography, text...ography, all the bloody ographies you can think of, still feel very out of place.

But since this DriveTribe platform has arrived for all of us to use to our heart's content, maybe I can just write about the sport without having to worry about deadlines, themes... heck, even correct grammar might struggle a bit.

Another nice photo wot I has taken, innit.

Another nice photo wot I has taken, innit.

So there you go. An editorial nightmare awaits those who even try to decipher this cobblers on a regular basis. I promise to try and make presentable things that I can be proud of and can say to people, "I wrote that. Bloody informative and good, isn't it?"

First time for everything.

"I found some Excel spreadsheets with elapsed times in them, can't I just copy and paste that? They know how to translate a race."

Davo on pre-DriveTribe publishing... maybe

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