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      So what... I gotta rock car!!

      Pink`s biggest fan has her car painted in tribute to her favourite singer.

      2y ago


      Joanne Harrison is undoubtedly Pink`s biggest fan, as well as being in the Pink Fan Club she has dedicated her $80,000 BMW convertible to the pop star too .Fortunately her husband was on hand and lucky for Joanne he`s a professional airbrush artist, so time to get the party started. Joanne`s husband works for the Australian company Advanced Airbrush who create some wonderful car art, the car is a head turner and Joanne is more than happy for people to take photos and post on social media, she says "the icing on the pink cake would be for her idol to autograph the car one day and give it her seal of approval."

      Personalised Pink number plate

      Personalised Pink number plate

      One off

      One off

      Creating the design

      Creating the design


      Hope you enjoyed the post. Thanks for reading and supporting the tribe.Deb xx

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      Comments (7)

      • Those graphics are beyond belief.. what talent!

          2 years ago
      • Surely her dream has to come true, and she gets to meet her Idol one day. I do hope so

          2 years ago
      • Great article debs and a very talented artist

          2 years ago
      • Lol cool but kinda ricey tho... Amazing how she pulled it off

          1 year ago


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