So what the heck happened with the Lidl sneakers craze?

    1w ago


    Full disclosure: this is slightly off-topic, both for DT and FT. Maybe even more so on FT, even though Lidl is technically a supermarket chain. Anyway, long story short, Lidl released a new pair of sneakers in Italy, which is kind of expected as supermarket chains have been selling clothing items for ages, and these sneakers were priced at €12,99. They were sold out in hours and people are now selling them on eBay for 2,000 euros and up. Welcome to 2020. Again.

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    • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

        7 days ago
    • I have lost all my already poor faith in human kind seeing what is happening with Lidl awful clothes :/

        7 days ago
    • ‘Cheapskate’ springs to mind!

        7 days ago
    • Why does it remind me of Ikea

        7 days ago
    • peasants

        7 days ago


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