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      Here is wat we want to do on this page and how you can become part of it.

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      This page is for anyone that is interested in car- and transportation-design. Whether you are a design professional, student or just interested in how a vehicle is developed. If you want to read what happens behind closed doors or just like seeing some amazing sketches by professionals and students this tribe is for you!

      Although this page is not about me, I will start by adding and writing the content you see here before I open it up for you all to participate. So what will be here? In the coming weeks interesting articles, sketches, pictures and show reports will appear here on a regular basis. I hope to invite some of my friends in the industry to share their thoughts and experiences in guest articles on specific subjects. In a few weeks time I will organise weekly or monthly sketch offs and design competitions open to everyone. Once I figured out how to do it best I will let you post too but don't let that stop you commenting ideas on subjects, critics or place a fun reaction.

      Me trying to hide behind a disc brake laughing uncomfortable.

      Me trying to hide behind a disc brake laughing uncomfortable.

      As said this TRIBE isn't about me but as I started this it seems good manners to introduce myself at least. I'm Dutch, living in the UK, a product, transportation and automotive designer. I have designed cars, first class airplane interiors, trains, busses, medical devices, consumer electronics and........ laundry pegs. I work for a design consultancy and although we work with and for some of the best car manufactures my perspective on the car design industry is mostly from the outside looking in.

      Design is all around us, yes this includes those laundry pegs, but what fascinates me about vehicle design is that it is still one of the best examples of a product where all disciplines are coming together in an epic choreographed dance and if even one of those disciplines is out of step the whole project is doomed to fail.

      Car design is also something magical and even within the design community car design and car designers are considered something special, something they seem to be more than happy agree with......they are basically enormous nerds possessed with a passion and drive to make a bunch of metal and plastic make the rest of us salivate.

      A sketch of one of Car Design most influential designers Raymond Loewy

      A sketch of one of Car Design most influential designers Raymond Loewy

      I hope you will enjoy this TRIBE and share this with others. Any comments are more than welcome.

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