So, what's this all about then..

Ocd - it's what we do

Here we go then. A new platform, idea and website. No idea how it will all work out, whether people will like it, or us, but in for a penny and all that.

I'll summarise what we're all about. We are a three man team who travel around meeting, shooting and occasionally filming, owners, their story and their car. The owner loves their car. Sometimes, we hate it, but we're open to why they have that passion and we share our thoughts about it together. Our photographer (Alex) tries to make some nice images even if he hates the subject (if it is shot at night, he hates it), our writer (Ben) makes notes about it (normally sweary notes) and our big tree of a creative director (Andy) generally walks around getting the name of the car wrong.

But, we all love cars. An absolute turd can be found to have a redeeming feature by us. Even if it is that the window winder has a sturdy feel. Don't worry, we'll tell you what we think of the rest of the thing but we will always try and find a positive. We have arguments between ourselves, of course we do, but we have a great respect for the owner and their viewpoint. Even when it's wrong.

So, while we're trying to figure out how this site works and whether it will succeed or just become another noise online, time will tell. In the meantime, if you fancy featuring, get in touch.

Alex, Andy and Ben.

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