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An attempt to justify starting the Tribe for 'the most beautiful car in the world' as Enzo F put it back in the day.

4y ago

I have driven, ridden, raced and rallied all manner of machinery and have a wide and open interest in pretty much everything that is going to be found on DRIVETRIBE. My professional life, however, is dedicated to one thing - the Jaguar E-Type.

I’ve worked for thirty years at E-Type specialists Eagle in Sussex and we have, over the years, been involved in every element of every model of E-Type. We’ve developed upgrades and modifications ranging from simple fasteners through to aluminium engine blocks and gearboxes.

We developed the Special Edition E-Types - the Speedster, Low Drag GT and Spyder GT.

I continue to spend my working days surrounded by Jaguar E-Types and they aren’t getting any less beautiful or any less fun to drive. I enjoy sliding around at the wheel of an original 3.8 on cross ply tyres as much as I enjoy thundering along in one of our 4.7 litre Eagle reworks.

No other 50 year old car has stood the test of time so well IMHO. The real definition of a ‘classic’.

Another day another decade

Another day another decade

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