So, why do we drive?

2y ago


When you think about it, driving really isn’t a very complex activity. You sit in a box, turn a wheel, press a couple of pedals, and generally avoid dying. It is basically an evolution of a horse and cart, and will maybe one day get replaced by a computer that thinks it knows better than you (we all know that it is wrong, but we roll with it, just like on the internet).
And yet…

You, your steed and the open road

There is something that ignites in us when we get behind that wheel, and turn on the ignition. Remember the first time you got in a car and drove? No, not when you got your license, but before that, when you were maybe 5 or 6 years old and your mom or dad or whomever put you on their lap, and made you think that you were driving. Wasn’t it just a pure moment of happiness and joy? You may have been young, but that’s when you get the real emotions, those that are not filtered by society, education and your peers. What about when you got your license, and went for your first drive on your own? Did you not feel pure freedom, with the knowledge that you could go pretty much anywhere you wanted? I mean the first time I went for my first drive was in a Daewoo Matiz, and it was glorious.

Just an invitation to drive

Even people who have a deep hate of cars, live in the city and take public transport every day can’t hide from that emotion. When given the chance to drive, you just can’t help but notice that smile appear. Getting them in the car is the hardest part, but once the engine is on, you can see their face say “Actually, this is cool”.
I think it has something to do with what driving enables us to do. We can explore, go to new places. We can go one way, or another. Yes, the same thing can be done by foot or on a bike, but when you drive, you can be at the other end of the country in a day. The possibilities are truly endless.

You can end up here by car in an afternoon. - CANADA

Then we come to why people more drive old cars. Because in the end, we like to be in control. Yes, a Tesla Model S is immense fun, but each time I drive it, I always think, “I wish I was the one who was in control, not the car”. That is the thing with cars, without us, they are just an immobilized object. But once we get in, and turn that key, they become something else, something alive. And once it is alive, we become one, and can go where few people have gone before.

Or here in a day (okay, maybe a little bit more) - INDIA

Sure, there is traffic, roadwork, or in some cases, like Montreal, no road at all. But if you want to, you can go some other place. And if you have a Subaru, you can still go where there are no roads. (Yes, I own a Subaru, sorry).
That is what my tribe, Just Drive, is going to be about: Driving. Be it to work, on a road-trip, or for fun. I want to explore what makes us want to drive. Why we do it, and where it can take us. I will talk about different cars, different roads, and the act of driving. Also, it will be a great excuse to go on epic road trips in North America and try out different cars. In the end, it will be about driving, freedom, passion and cars. Hope you enjoy it!